Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blog Switch

I really didn't want to do this to you guys, but I decided to move my blog to http://miheesodesigns.blogspot.com. I feel like this current blog name is a little goofy and a little difficult to explain...  at least the new one is Mihee, which is my Korean name.  I hope that you will follow me over there, and I'm really sorry for the inconvenience! In return I will have a giveaway on the new blog shortly. Thanks for all the support on this blog!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

FO: Simplicity 2886 - The Sundress

I made this dress to wear to my little brother's graduation. It's a nice cotton sundress that was perfect for the Texas heat. I think it looks like a little girl's (around the age of 5) dress due to my fabric choices. It's cute, but I'm not sure it suits me... it's growing on me and the husband likes it. I've already worn it out in public twice in less than 2 weeks so that's a good sign. This also the first completed item for my Summer Essentials Sewalong. :)


Pattern: Simplicity 2886
Fabric: Amy Butler's Lotus Collection Lacework in brown (main) and pink cotton (contrasting) both of which were from my stash :)


  1. No elastic in the back bodice... used 2 darts instead to remove gaping.IMG_0497.JPG
  2. Used bodice from view C and skirt from view A.
  3. Used a 2" hem allowance.
  1. Sew the pintucks down... otherwise you'll it will look uneven and you'll have to iron it every time and it will still look like this:
  2. IMG_0498.JPG
  3. Don't wait until the end to insert straps like it says in the instructions.
  4. Be careful with markings and the curves.
  5. Pins are your friends. :) I don't normally use very many of them, but they definitely helped on this one.
Please ignore my funny facial expression. I did have a picture where I was smiling, but it looks like I accidentally deleted it thinking that this was the correct one... boo! There's also some wrinkling due to wear. :)


I love the pleating on the skirt, which isn't too noticeable with my busy print, and the pockets on this dress! I do recommend this pattern... it makes for a great sundress.

Currently in progress:
- Kwik Sew 2689... pieces cut out and partially sewn

- Burda 02-2010-104... traced

Thursday, June 10, 2010

FO: iPhone Cozy Take II

I'm supposed to be working on my Summer Essentials Sew-Along, but I've took a little detour yesterday. Awhile back I made a wristlet / iPhone cozy... I liked it but knew I would need to make some changes for the next one. Here's my updated wristlet made for a friend.




Pattern: my own
Fabric: Amy Butler's Daisy Chain and navy Kona cotton both leftover from other projects
Notions: d-ring, swivel hook, and pearl snap

I followed Tanya's suggestion about using pearl snaps... I definitely love more than the button!  Thanks, Tanya!  I already like this much more than my previous one, but I'm already thinking of some changes for Take III.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Essentials Sew-Along

Ali from the wardrobe, reimagined is hosting a "Summer Essentials Sew-Along" that I've decided to join. Click here for more info.

Here's what I have imagined for my summer sewing so far...

Poolside Pretties:
Kwik Sew 2689 - swimsuit
Amy Butler's Modern Diaper Bag from Little Stitches - beach bag

Clamdiggers & Co:
Simplicity 4135
Sailor pants - NL6190 & Sailor in Burmuda mash

Sweet & Sassy Skirts:
Burda 02-2010-104

The Sundress:
Simplicity 2886 - Completed 6/3/10 (Post on this in the making...)
Infinity Dress
Vogue 1086
Burda 04-2010-116

Tees, Tunics, & Blouses:
McCall 5977
Self-drafted halter

Those Summer Nights:
Simplicity 3538 - JCrew Fiona modification
Burda 04-2010-117

What can I say... I love to plan! Who knows what I'll actually finish, but my goal is to have at least one item from each category. This will be my composite page for this sew-along.

Monday, June 7, 2010

FO: Mother's Day Aprons

I originally had this post ready before Mother's Day, but it looks like the month of May just came and flew by...

2 aprons in 2 days for Mother's Day... my mommy (yes, I still call my mom mommy) and my mother-in-law.

Pattern: Mango Tango from A is for Apron
Fabric: quilting cottons from Joann in my stash... they were both leftover fabric from previous projects.
Notions: lots of bias tape

Apron 1:


Apron 2:

I really wasn't in the mood to model the apron for you, but I didn't know how else to photograph it... I didn't like how apron 1 was photographed, but it was mailed before I could retake the pictures... one of these days I'll get a dressform. Yes, I sew in a t-shirt and Jordan basketball shorts... it's so comfy and easy to get in and out of when I need to try on things. :)

MangoTango Take 2.jpg

There are some really neat aprons in this book, and I do want to eventually make some other ones, too. The above apron is designed by momomadeit. The only thing I disliked about the pattern is that you have to enlarge and piece it together. I may not have been doing it the best way, but I felt like I wasted lots of paper. It just wasn't efficient. Here's how one of the pattern pieces came out.


Any suggestions for the future? Happy Sewing!