Monday, February 16, 2009

For My Valentine

I was so excited and having too much fun making my hubby's Valentine's gift I was distracted from school stuff the past few days. =) I bought anniversary rings from Titanium Knights and they were awesome. I had to come up with how I would present them, and here it is...


The bear is a Tiny Ami Panda pattern from Ana Paula Rimoli and the heart is a free Corazon pattern from Owlishly that I found on Ravelry. I had to rearrange the muzzle and the eyes on the bear a few times... Getting the eyes off was a pain. I ended up just glueing the muzzle instead of sewing it because I was just too lazy.

I'm not very good at crocheting... I have it admit it was a little frustrating making these two items, but I guess I need to keep practicing. (Knitting seems to come more naturally to me than crocheting...) I do love the way they turned out and so did my husband.

Here is his card...

Opened: ^__^

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