Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Gifts

I've tried to cram as much crafting and sewing into this month before I have to start school again, but in between work, shopping, and cards it's been difficult to find time. Here are some gifts that were made...

= Co-workers Gifts & Other Jewelry =
I love This is where I get most, if not all, my beading/jewelry-making supplies. They have great inspiration and wonderful quality supplies. I made lots of earrings and bookmarks. The bookmarks have sterling silver letter charms for each of my teammates at work. =)

Beading Nov 2008.jpg

= Husband's co-workers gifts: paper, Modge Podge, and tiles go a looooooong way =

= Amy Butler's Snow Mum Pillow =
We did Secret Santa amongst our team. This is what I made for my person. =) I really really love it and had a difficult time letting it go. It was also a lot more labor intensive then I expected...

AB Snow Mum Pillow Composite.jpg

Full Review Here

= WIP: NL6557 - V-neck Cotton Dress =
This dress for my sister-in-law's Christmas gift. I did this in a hurry since I had to have it done by Christmas. She's very happy with the dress, but I feel like I did a sloppy job. =( Oh well... as long as she's happy! I absolutely love the fabric and the easiness of making the dress.

NL6557 Composite.jpg

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rest of the Fall Semester

A little bit of sewing... lots of studying and working... good eating for Thanksgiving and our 3rd wedding anniversary!

= V1062 Cropped Jacket =
This was my first jacket and my first time using fleece. (This month was a lot of firsts!) It was super easy and it was unlined. I tried to add pockets, but it was too short to fit them in anywhere.

V1062 A.JPG

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= B5247 Cowl-neck Knit Dress =
I made these dress and wore it out to our 3rd wedding anniversary dinner. I love the way the belt is tied, which was an idea stolen from the envelope cover. (It is the middle one in the picture below.) I realized that all my recent dresses are hot pink. I need to stay away from that color for awhile... Here is the final product...

B5247 Composite.jpg

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September Catchup

Wow... I'm sooo behind in blogging! Well my semester has finally come to a close. It was a long, tiring, hard semester and I'm so glad that it's over. I have about a month before it all starts up again. Here's some things I made in September...
= NL6828 Knit Dress =
This was my very first knit and was very intimidated by it. It came out better than expected and now I LoVE sewing knits! It's so easy and so fast.

Here's a pic of it on the hanger:
NL6828 Hanger.JPG

It needed a belt because it was very unflattering without it. Here's a pic with a belt.
NL6828 On.JPG

I love this dress! It was very easy and I wore it out to a wedding and to church and to work. =) Full Review Here

= Shirred Dress =
I used Sandi Henderson's tutorial to make a long shirred dress. The tutorial was easy enough to follow along, but I think the fabric I used made it difficult to work with. I just used 100% polyester satin. This was the first time I've sewn with satin or any slippery fabric. Overall it was a nice easy long dress. I wore it to a wedding rehearsal dinner.

Shirred Dress.JPG
PDF Tutorial

= Wedding Gifts =
This was for my husband's cousin. I only finished half of it... I'm notorious for UFOs! I made the short pleated apron and potholders from Amy Butler's InStitches book. I forgot to take a picture of the potholders.

AB Short Apron Terri II.JPG
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