Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Prom Dress

With prom season around the corner there's talk about making prom dresses... whether it's a parent sewing for their daughter or someone sewing her own dress.  The Selfish Seamstress had a pretty awesome prom dress.  Click here to see hers.  Although I didn't sew my own dress my best friend and I did make ones out of duct tape.  :)  It was for this scholarship contest that we were planning on entering, but didn't.

Here are our dresses... the photo is the professional one taken at prom.  (I'm the one on the right. ^___^ )

I felt bad for my date because I ended up going around with my friend in our dresses rather than spending time with him.  (Sorry, DA!)  I wish I had close-ups of my duct tape dress because I did put a lot of detail into it.  There are ruffles on the asymmetrical hem of the dress, which was added inside the limo after dinner but before the dance.  I also made duct tape roses that were attached on top of my right shoulder.

I made this dress without knowing anything about sewing... there are no "seams" on the dress.  We made sheets of duct tape my taping my bedroom door.  Then we would carefully peel it off and then carefully tape another layer of duct tape on top (sticky side against sticky side).  Once we had this "duct tape fabric" we cut out our pattern pieces and pieced the whole dressed together on our own bodies while using duct tape to tape our "seams".  Once we got the look we wanted, we cut it down on of the side seams.  Does that make sense?  Hahaha.. this is difficult to explain.  After we had our prom dinner, all the girls helped us into our dresses in the restaurant's bathroom.  We needed them to help tape the side seam we had cut.  It was quite the experiment... but it brings back lots of good memories.  :)

My friend and I did wear "normal" prom dresses for before and dinner pictures.  Here is a picture of my normal dress... I'm the one in the coral dress.  I loved this dress, too!  It took me 5 months to find it... but I'm glad I did... I just wish I could still fit into it.  :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yarn On the House Winner

I won my first giveaway!!  :)  I won French Press Knit's Felted Slipper pattern and purple wool yarn from Yarn On the House.  I've been eyeing this pattern for some time now after seeing JadeBlade's awesome version.  I hope mine turn out just as cute.  Here's my free yarn.

15 Min Skirt

I had some interlock knit leftover from my Butterick 5247 dress, which I decided I didn't like but more on that in the future.  I was holding onto the leftover fabric to make a top, but it turns out that it wasn't enough for what I was planning.  So instead I decided to cut it up and make a fitting pencil-like skirt with waistband.  It was all done on my serger in a matter of minutes.  I really like because it was simple and super comfy!  I think it could be dressed up or down.

Please excuse the wrinkles... 

I didn't take any measurements to cut out the skirt.  I took the panel of fabric and laid it across my body and then serged the sides. I also cutout a wide waistband.  The interlock had some stretch across the width so I had the waistband a little smaller than what it should've been.  Viola!  I'm very pleased with the results.

This skirt was done back in November, but I just didn't get around to taking any pictures until last month... :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

And the Winner...

for the McCall's pattern is:  Antoinette

for the Simplicty pattern is:  Sheila

for the journal is:  Andrea

*Sorry for the blurriness of all the photos... they were taken on my phone.*

Ladies, I will get in contact with you for your mailing addresses.  :)

Thank you for all the nice comments on my journal and entering the giveaways!  I really enjoyed the process of making the journal.  Hopefully, I can clean off my desk and take pictures of the process.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cowboys External HD Case

There was left over Dallas Cowboys cotton from pjs that were made for my dad and father-in-law for Christmas.  I used these scraps to make a external hard drive case for my father-in-law's birthday last month.  I just winged the size of the case based on my external drive and online measurements of the actual HD.  In the end, it fit perfectly.

A large metal snap was used as a closure.  This was my first time installing this type of snap.  I don't think the tool was properly aligned, and it smashed a portion of the inside.  It still works, but isn't pretty... here's the peak inside the snap.

Here it is opened.  There's a pocket for the cable, too.  I couldn't resist adding my label.  ^__^

This is a picture with my HD and cable.  I eventually need to make a case for myself.  :)

I used all scrap fabric pieces for this item.  The exterior fabric is 100% cotton, with 100% cotton twill for the lining, and some sort of batting in between for a little cushion.

Thanks for you all your comments on my blog anniversary!  I really do appreciate them.  Don't forget to enter in my giveaway on my last post.  It's open through Sunday, March 7th.