Monday, January 18, 2010

UT Regular Guy Beanie

My second finished item for 2010!  :)  It's a beanie for my husband.  I started this in December, but finally got around to finishing it.  It's a pretty easy, standard beanie... used the Regular Guy Beanie.

I put the UT in front of the name because of the "burnt orange" color.  :)

(Actually, we're watching the Texas vs. Kansas State men's basketball right now.  Go Horns!)  I love the "star" pattern created at the top of the beanie from the decreases.

The only thing I didn't like about the pattern is that the top was a little pointy as seen in the top photo... the picture is with a little stretching, too.  Once it's on, it's fine and the hubby loves it!  :)

I didn't do much knitting in 2009, but I've really hit the ground running in 2010. I'm currently working on the Corona Hoodie for myself... it's a little slow going because I'm S L O W at knitting.  There's 5" of ribbing and the picture shows ~3".

I also started the Colonnade Shawl from Knitty last night for a gift to my aunt.  If this shawl goes well I'll be making another one for another aunt... both for their birthdays next month.  Hehehe... no WIP picture for this one.

I think I'm a little burned out from sewing.  I've a few sewing projects that I need to finish, but it's just staring at me on my desk.  I'm feeling very "eh" about them... I didn't think this day would ever come!  Hopefully, it won't last too long.  :)


AllisonC said...

You know some people look cool in beanies and some look nerdy. Your hubby looks cool, I am in the nerdy camp!

Tanya said...

We've all been there, the sewing blahs, it will past. I think that's why I have more than one hobby, if I get bored with one I can just switch it up and do something else. Love the hat, I noticed some of mine being pointy to solve it I just end with more stitches on that seemed to fix it.

Adrienne said...

Love the beanie! That color is gorgeous!

Antoinette said...

Your sewing mojo will come back when you're ready, I have no doubt. In the meantime, enjoy this knitting thing! A hoodie sounds very ambitious!

Eugenia said...

Superb beanie, I love the colour - your husband looks great in it. I think a beanie is essential in cold weather!

prashant said...
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NGLaLALa said...

@AllisonC - Thanks!! He actually looks good in hats and beanies, and he wears them all the time.

@Tanya - This is very true about the hobbies. :) Thanks for the tip! I made a gray beanie for him that left more stithes and it definitely is rounder. I'll have to stick with that.

@Adrienne - Thank you so much!

@Antoinette - Thanks for the encouragement!

@Eugenia - Thanks!