Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Break Recap

Needless to say, I did not complete any of the tasks I wanted to over spring break.  We ended up going out of town both weekends.  I worked during the day, which had me pooped in the evening... although I did manage to get my workouts in.  I can say I've made some progress on the skirt for my sister-in-law and I did some reconstructing!  =)

This is a tunic bought from Korea.  The bust area was too small and the styling of the top was interesting...

Korean Tunic I - Whole

Here is the detail of the bust area...

Korean Tunic I Detail

I love the print and the button up portion of the tunic, (Yes, they are all working buttons.) and I thought it would make a very cute skirt by cutting off the top portion and sewing most of the buttons shut.  I left the top few open as a way to get in and out of the skirt.  Then I took in some of the waist.  Here is the outcome...

Reconstructured Skirt I

I have another skirt in the works also being made from a Korean tunic. All I need to do is add some elastic to the waist and it will be complete... hopefully soon! Some other items that only need finishing touches are my Easter dress and a Butterick 5100 tunic.

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