Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cowboys External HD Case

There was left over Dallas Cowboys cotton from pjs that were made for my dad and father-in-law for Christmas.  I used these scraps to make a external hard drive case for my father-in-law's birthday last month.  I just winged the size of the case based on my external drive and online measurements of the actual HD.  In the end, it fit perfectly.

A large metal snap was used as a closure.  This was my first time installing this type of snap.  I don't think the tool was properly aligned, and it smashed a portion of the inside.  It still works, but isn't pretty... here's the peak inside the snap.

Here it is opened.  There's a pocket for the cable, too.  I couldn't resist adding my label.  ^__^

This is a picture with my HD and cable.  I eventually need to make a case for myself.  :)

I used all scrap fabric pieces for this item.  The exterior fabric is 100% cotton, with 100% cotton twill for the lining, and some sort of batting in between for a little cushion.

Thanks for you all your comments on my blog anniversary!  I really do appreciate them.  Don't forget to enter in my giveaway on my last post.  It's open through Sunday, March 7th.


Sheila said...

What a great way to use up scrap. You did a great job.

Thank you for the lovely compliment on my dress.

Angela said...

Thanks, Sheila!

sanjeet said...

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