Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Joel Dewberry Fabric

I bought my first set of Joel Dewberry fabric from quilthome.com.  It is beautiful!!  (The local quilt stores here didn't carry his line so I had to buy it online.)  
Joel Dewberry Fabric.JPG
I will be making placemats and napkins for a co-worker out of these...
Joel Dewberry Manzanita - V's.JPG
I was going to make some placemats out of the Aviary fabric, but it was too yellow for the person I was going to make it for. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it now... I still love the fabric! Maybe I'll still make placemats and save them for someone else... too bad I can't work on any of these just yet. I have a test in less than a week I need to study for. =P
Joel Dewberry Aviary - Lori's.JPG

I can't wait for his new home dec line to come out!! It's so exciting. It can be previewed here. I especially like this one...

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