Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May Catchup

May has been a busy month... finals, a trip to San Fran, started studying for the MCATs, and only a couple of "creations".

We went to San Fran for my husband's grandmother's big birthday. I made her a quilt for her birthday, which was quite the experience. Here is the final quilt... I didn't get a good picture of it because when I was finished it was late and it needed to be packed away. It was quite wrinkle-y, too. The first picture capture the true colors pretty well.

1st Quilt II.JPG1st Quilt III.JPG

This was my first quilt... The pattern is based on the Amy Butler's Belle quilt, and I didn't add the circles and made it more of a lap quilt. The different fabric is all picked out from Joann. I had the difficult time keeping all the layers from bunching. I should've used a different foot... after grueling hours of sewing and taking apart I finally finished. However, the quality was not to my liking... oh well, I couldn't spend anymore time on it. His grandmother liked it so that's all that matters in the end. =)

One night when I should've been studying and working out, I got the urge to sew. I wanted to make my mother-in-law a dress she wanted me to make her for Mother's Day. Being busy with the quilt, I was not able to start on the dress. So, I decided to make it this night. She picked out Simplicity 3778. I cut out the pieces on this brown and pink floral cotton fabric I bought at the local Joann. The pattern runs pretty big... because I'm just a beginner I really didn't know how to adjust the pattern... I did a makeshift adjustment by increasing the seam allowance. The pattern itself was easy to follow and it had very limited number of pieces. The only not finished is the hem... my least favorite part about sewing...

Simplicity 3778 II.JPG

The back...
Simplicity 3778 V.JPG

Front detail... I think this picture might be zoomed in too much...
Simplicity 3778 III.JPG

This dress is also reviewed at

I started Simplicity 3887 but it was way too big. I should've listen to everyone's review before I had cut out the fabric. The seams are ripped, and it is waiting to be cut down two sizes. I used Amy Butler's Midwest Modern fabric. I'm very excited to get this finished! (I just wish I had the time... hopefully this weekend.)

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i love this dress! but! STOP sewing!
you must! =P