Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Break Plans

I've decided I can't buy anymore fabric (unless it's strictly for a specific gift). My closet and office is covered with fabric. Less buying and more sewing!

Spring break is coming up in a couple of weeks and I'm so excited to take a break from school! =) I've been putting off a lot of things to do for spring break and now I may have overloaded myself... hahaha...

Here are a couple of items (on the crafty side) I want to work on...

1. B4859B - This is for my sister-in-law's birthday gift. I've ordered the fabric this past weekend and hopefully it's on it's way.
2. Hedera - Finish this for my mom's birthday from last year... =P I haven't worked on this in probably a year. I need to get on it!
3. B5246B - Finish this dress I started back in December. It's missing a sleeve and I need to redo the ties because it did not line up correctly on both sides. I've decided this will be my easter dress. =)
4. Bold & Bulky Cardi - All I have left is the sleeves and finding buttons! I may finish this before spring break. I really like the way it's turning out and it's really quick.
5. WIPs - I have quite a few of these that I need to work on. (Amy Butler's Sophia bag and Betty Shopper, B5100A w/ cowl, M5759A)
6. Pouches and clutches - I want to make a few pouches and clutches from various tutorials for myself... I really need some!
7. Alterations/reconstruction - there's a lot of little things here and there that needs to be done myself and other members of the family.
8. Tops - I really need some! Here are some contenders...

View A - White stretch cotton sateen shirting

View A (cutaway top) - Printed cotton gauze

View A - navy broadcloth

View B (short-sleeve) - turquoise knit

View C - turquoise charmeuse

Haven't decided which one - black cotton jersey knit

That looks like plenty to do along with some spring cleaning and MCAT studying and scrapbooking! Hahaha... we'll see how far I get. ^_^

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Hi. I just nominated you for the Sisterhood Award.